Dream a Dream

When we are dreaming it can be very strange.

On one hand, we are looking into the dream as if we are watching a show unfold, watching other people and ourself…but on the other hand if we are in the dream we also see it from our own view. It is really odd when you try to put these motions into words. How can you be in it, but also watch yourself. It’s kind of like two of you, one actually in the dream, and the other like a spirit watching from the side??……?…. 

The mixture of images, emotions, feelings, words, actions within dreams happen without us truly controlling it….We are lost in a state of sleep.

There are times when we vividly remember dreams, or there are times when we barely remember fragments of dreams.

I am not going to lie, but there have been cases where I try very hard to fall back asleep when I wake from a good dream deeply wishing that I could finish it, but each time it does not work.

If I think back there are about 10 or so dreams that I can recall, and quite vividly, does it mean that these were significant to me? Who knows! I look on…


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