Life is an Domino Effect

I believe that everything in life is a domino effect, but on a much larger scale. That can at times take from seconds to days to years. Image

There is a invisible force of balance, what goes around comes around, it is just a matter of time – when.

One event will trigger something else to happen, which will influence someone else’s life, which will in term influence another and so on. It becomes an cycle.

Someone’s Misfortune is Someone Else’s Gain.


Of course, it is never that clear cut and obvious. God is working in the background to control these domino’s and the events that influence them.

Can it be said that it will therefore be fair then? I fear not, because the trigger can take a very long time to go round to you, but so the wise say: “everything happens for a reason, we just have to hold on tight to wait and see…..”

6 Responses to “Life is an Domino Effect”

  1. this is exactly what i was thinking of a lot lately, but i believe it is fair. either now or later on

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    Thanks for the comment!!!

  3. Totally agree

  4. Hmm i have been looking around the interwebs and this post is the closest thing ive found to what i have been thinking. i believe that reality works as a domino effect down to every single detail (only if your basing knowledge on the standard model of physics) including how your own personality is built due to all your surroundings and what your 5 sences have picked up from birth, i beleave your own appearance and the way your mind has developed plays a part in how your personality is built as well. basicaly if someone else was born into your shoes and you didnt exist then they may actualy not turn out to have the same personality as you even if they lived there like first year as a baby exactly the same as u did as there brain would have to grow into the exact same shape as yours and would have to have the exact apearance you have because one glance in the mirror could dramtically alter the way that person acts if they look different in there own future.

    I am a fine one for huge paragraphs with bad spelling LOL.
    Now i don’t follow a religion exactly but if reality is just a domino effect and your choices are just illusions based off everything you’ve seen and touched and tasted etc then it begs to question why do we experiance life as a single person if we dont actualy make choices? we could just opperate like plants without the need to experiance our actions :S which makes this non religious guy actualy belieave that perhaps we do have souls? because i know i am experiancing this reality. if we do have souls then perhaps we actualy do make our own choices which clashes with my theory in a major way. i believe there could easily be a god out there. i only thought of such a domino effect because ive been studying modern science however it only means i am basing this theory on modern science (mainly the standard model of physics). we have yet to still understand how the mind works and it is clear that on the quantum level of physics everything opperates completly diferently and we are far from understanding how tiny things work the way they do as it clashes with our science in many ways. its possible theres a lot of stuff going on that isn’t bound by any such domino effect which greatly effects what we percieve to be a domino effect like a god being able to alter slightly diffrent things or some other forces that we cannot comprehend having huge influence on how reality works and is able to alter it at will.

    heres something interesting if everything is a domino effect…
    say you go back in time (just as a spectator because you dont want to interfere with it) and then u play time again and watch…..everything should run 100% exactly the same as how it did before u went back in time because domino pieces always fall the same way when stacked into the same possition unless something outside of our reality exists that is not effected by time l(ike a god or other forces or maybe something in our minds isnt effected by time) what can make things appear diffrent the second time around. but why the need to experiance life if everything was gunna turn out like this anyway? after thinking about this it has lead me to think that if time would play the same as it did before then surly the future is already mapped out just like a domino set is but in a far far more complex manner…bare with me… i dont mean physically mapped out but say if you got a computer to calculate everybodies thoughts, actions.. sences..the entire universe itself and all of physical down to the shape of rocks, the flow of water and even down to the smallest of sizes then surly we could work out the future down to a t (its impossible to have such a computer) we would have to re create our entire exact existance on a machine from the start of the universe and speed it up to where human life is on earth and then fast forward past our time and voila…. you can physicaly see the future. this would only be possible if a computer was capable of such a thing and only if reality is just a domino effect.

    my overall conclusion isn’t a clear one and whilst writing this it has changed my thoughts slightly as i just figured out that the fact we do experiance life most likely means we do actualy make our own choices which could mean our minds are not effected by time (brains rott of corse) and by minds i mean soul/personality/whatever makse you you! if thats true then the time travel thing would prove wrong. if you went back in time and things played out differntly then that MUST mean personalitys/souls/etc opperate outside of time or what we percieve as time is all completley wrong.

    i could go on for hours more but hey im just one guy and i think far too much and the likelyhood of you even reading this is very slim as this is old but it matches what im thinking more than a lot of stuff.
    i dont even see top scientists question as much as i do how ever i did bump into something similar in the quantum physics world but they didn’t go in anywhere near as much detail and thought.

    p.s how ever much we figure out life there willl allways be room for god because nothing can apear from nowhere

  5. vixstar1314 Says:

    Hey Raiden

    Firstly thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment. I am grateful that someone out there has such deep thoughts and I can see the diversity and scope of how grand your mind is just by reading your comment. At times it is scattered because you draw on so many different branches at the same time which to others may be confusing, but for people who understands how difficult it is to have a thousand thoughts zooming in our brain at one time it is amazing to get a glimpse of the same thing in someone else.

    Secondary you was wrong(but in a good way) yes I did read your whole comment! =) and I hope you end up reading this as well.

    Thirdly I totally understand being able to think for ages and how one thought leads to another, which leads to a bigger thought, and before you know it you are questioning the world, existence and life. Scary stuff!

    Fourthly I love how you pulled in physics as well into this topic because I believe everything is connected in one way or another at the end of the day.

    Lastly if you do happen to read this(slim chance I’m guessing) do you remember what you searched and how you came onto my page? (just out of curiosity)

    Once again thanks for dropping by my post and I really appreciate the comment you left!!!

  6. Hey Vixstar,

    Raiden here a year later. I was trying to find this website again many months ago but i just literally found a text document as i made a copy of my post and then copied some of the text into google to find this page.

    Ha i guess i was wrong that i would see a reply & you are also wrong because i see your one a year later. You are right about my post being very scattered as i have just read it again after so long. Each part branching out really needs an entire post per section. I seem to be going back to god a bit too much after reading that post as if im trying to preach. i mean i should of really included that there could be so many natural forces that are not an entity of any kind that could be manipulating things outside of time if there is such a thing.

    I believe i found this site on google while typing obscure thoughts about a domino effect and couldn’t really find anything untill i bumped into this page. i was like “woah”. Catching a glimpse of someone that also thinks outside of the box was really refreshing for me as thinking in this manner is extreamly difficult to have conversions with others about as not a single person in real life i know is capable of such vast scale thinking, that does not make me smart and neither does that make them dumb in the slightest but not a single person i know can relate to such thinking even if it is crazy and completly wrong theories we are thinking i still enjoying being able to be creative with my thoughts to be able to question life because everything is a huge WTF.

    This conversation being gapped out over years between us is interesting so i have hope you will read this post too.

    Here is another thought i have come up with as only you will get where i am coming from. It is a kind of “what the fuck” thought.
    I believe if there is no such things as souls or anything operating outside of time then that must mean every life that has lived and ever willl live is all experiancing the exact same age but in there own timelines because if u dont experiance time before your born then that must mean everyone is instantly born.

    Its possible the second the big bang happened or what ever the hell it could be then all life to ever exist and will exist is born at the exact same time if there is no such thing as souls because i dont recall waiting billions of years to be born

    i am currently 24 years of age that im experiancing, shakespear right now could be experiancing the age 24 right now but in his own timeline and the version of u im talking to is not the version of u that is currently experiancing life as you are in your own timeline. well in your case im not experiancing life in your timeline so right now for u i might not be 24, il be experiancing the same age as you as time will flow the same for everyone the second we are all born in the same instant. we dont experiance time when we are not alive unless there is something before and after death. this clashes completly with my outside of time theory but it goes with the domino effect. i dont see how i can be wrong with this theory if there is no experiance of time before death. it really does mean the instant the big bang happened we all fast tracked them billions of years to be born because we dont get to experiance time without being alive. that can litrally only mean everylife was born in an instant if time wasnt experianced before.

    but hey once again im just a guy haha il be keeping a regular eye on this page from now on. i hope to see a reply even though its been a year on my end to reply to you.

    ps. apologies for the bad grammer as i really rushed jotting this down (explosions of thoughts).

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