Dear Diary,

Throughout centuries, people have kept diaries, to note down aspects of their life. As time moved forward, words craved onto stones and planks, turned into ink and scrolls, then pen and paper. In today’s generation many diaries are in the form of word documents, or blogs on the internet. The way in which the information is noted down has changed dramatically, however the underlining reason is still the same: “jotting down one’s personal information”

Many write diaries to document important events and details that happen throughout life, some jot down information to organise and clear their own mind, some jot down information as they cannot tell other people so this is a way to unload, some jot down the information so in the future when their memories fail them, then theyhave something to double-check and tell their grandchildren – “back in the day this happened, as you can see from my diary in 2012 etc…” But there is also the other percentage of people who do not write diaries, the main reason I have found is because of their fear of it being read/found by other people. As diaries give a massive insight into one’s thoughts, feelings, life. No one can truly know everything about a person, and it is this unknown that becomes mysterious and hence intriguing.

What are your views on diaries?

Do you have a “dear diary”?


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