Greatest suffering of all is: Lost


Greatest suffering of all is:


Reviewing the darkness of life.

Everyone is lost at some point in life.

This consist of the following:

Lost of a loved one, lost of memories, lost of what could have been, lost of opportunities, lost of time, lost of competition, lost of a bet, lost of  freedom, lost of defenses, lost of possession, lost of trust, lost of health, lost of a game, lost of power, lost of reputation….

Dear darkness,

When all is dark, I am lost.

Dear haunting memories,

I have lost the ability to control you. Even though I go days and weeks without talking to someone yet the memories still crosses my mind, like vivid films playing through my mind.

Dear you,

I thought that you should know that I miss every single thing we use to hold so close, this faded over time and I am left feeling a strong sense of lost.

Dear ego,

I miss that power you had over me, the bind that you held over me keeping me in line.

The truth is nothing is forever, as much as we want to hold things for eternity nothing last’s, people don’t, object don’t, even infrastructures that are built to last, don’t. Yet this does not mean we don’t try, as long as it’s deemed worth it then we fight, even if it’s just for a few minutes, hour, days or weeks  we still do because ultimately we don’t want to lose.

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