There is never a complete replacement.

No two people are exactly the same. Nor are things exactly the same either. Everything and everyone has it’s own uniqueness. That is the beauty but also the ultimate flaw. Because once it’s gone. It’s gone.

Glass is so breakable. Once it’s broken, it can never go back to it’s original form. I personally feel that I am full of broken glass inside. I am very aware of these inner issues.

There is no true replacement in human nor in objects.

No one can ever replace you, there will always be a hole within me. Just like anyone who has ever lost someone, but they just try to continue to live. It’s very hard to live, when you don’t know what you are living for anymore. I write because it creates a different world, at time’s a fantasy world, or at time’s a world in which I wished I could live in. Blogging has overtime become an extension of myself. More of me has been embedded here than in reality at times.


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