Not right

There is a saying that after being at a busy gathering or surroundings. Once you are alone again, you feel even more lonely. The problem is even in a busy place, filled with people. I still feel empty and hallow. It just does not feel right.

Late at night, when the whole world is sleeping peacefully. I am up, thinking of stuff I know I should not be. I look up at the moon and stars and wish. Wishing for stuff that seem ever so far away.

There is so much I want to say, but there is just nothing.

Till this point in my life, the only place I have ever felt right was when you was around, your smile and company at times can make everything else around me not matter and everything is right.Yet it is also you who can change everything. My mood becomes a yo-yo in your present. Stringed by your actions and words. I cannot help it. I know I should not, but part’s of me get’s jealous, a bit of me shatters within from time to time.

It is this very feeling, that I fear so much. I cannot look into your eyes anymore. If you looked into my eyes. Would you see? Would you even care?


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