Who would have thought

Work of Vixstar1314©

“Who would have thought,

that this would happen?

It is what it is now.

Pushing one self into the ground,

so that one is so tired that thinking is no longer possible,

so that it would not hurt.

Or night after night crying as a way of comfort.

In your heart I no longer matter.

A massive wall that stands so firm.

A invsible distance is present.


Who would have thought,

this was the most deepest, 

and real experience that I had encountered,

yet it hurts the most.

I still think of you all the time.

Even when I know there is no happy ending.

But I am still unable to control and stop

I wished that there were no past or memories,

actually wished that I could completely forget.


Who would have thought,

in the past you made me so warm.

When I fell for you,

I found a new me,

but subsequently I also lost myself.

I still think of you,

even knowing that there would be no result,

but  it is still so deep.


Who would have thought,

that you taught me to believe in so much,

you made my world become so complete.

then made it seem like I am asking too much.

You somehow made everything go so cold,

and my world turned completely empty.

You froze everything with your actions and words.


Who would have thought,

you was able to lift me so high,

but shoot me down to rock bottom in a heartbeat.

I know this will always be the case,

but I still keep going forward for more,

knowing that eventually I would go back down.


Who would have thought,

that love is based so much on luck?

Question is how to let go when it’s the last thing I want to do,

but at the same time it is causing me unbearable pain.

It has lefted me so broken


Should not have been.”


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