Scarred for life

Truth is we are all scarred in life. From the experiences, wounds that have “recovered”, by people. No one is immune, it’s just that  some hide it well, other’s prefer to share it. Some scars are deep, others not so apparent.

When we get hurt, we bleed, it then slowly heals, but more times than not, we are left with a scar.Scars in medical term’s mean’s we have healed and recover. But in reality this will be with us forever. It may appear on the surface for a short time or forever, but it will be in our memories forever. There are times when we can choose to remember it or it becomes something that is buried and does not cross our mind.

People can scar you, by their actions and words. Sometime’s it is impossible to forget these invisible scars that are embedded within you. There are times when it hurts so much, when you wish you could completely forget it. 

We are all scarred in life. It is just an endless process, one that is suppose to make us stronger and resilience


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