Lost Soul

“Daunting when everything around you is so alive, the people, the busy surroundings, the movements everywhere, vibrant atmosphere, yet you still feel nothing, just emptiness.

Feeling like the river,
great depth,
but cold,
and just flowing in the dark.”


“Floating back and forth,
aimlessly into hollowness,
nothing gained,
but nothing lost in the tide.

Barely existing.

Everything you see becomes a blur.”


“Dear Lost Souls,

I see you walking pass,
I see the shadow that follow’s you.

To everyone:
we are quick glazes,
we are not part of their life.

To ourself:
we are aware of others and movements.
we question the souls.

When would it get better?
When would it b fair?

I have waited far too long.
I have had to take too much.

The pain and hurt have existed for so long it’s like the norm.
The result being now the assumption is it will always be like this.

No longer expect more even though i wish it will happen.
No longer have any strength left to care.

Too long now.
Too tired.

Just don’t care anymore. I have cared for too long.
Just been stuck with a massive void

When you stand still, the whole world is still spinning.
When you suddenly realized, you just don’t care anymore.”

<<<From the wondering vixstar1314©>>>


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