Outside & Within

Nature is at the touch, view and sense of nearly everyone yet far too often we fail to see it.

Take for example – the image of the moon so simple, so beautiful,

yet so complex – in fullness, half-ness and hidden depth.

The outside is filled with so many sounds such as the birds chirping.

The breeze of the wind.

The beauty of the sky.

I take it in.

Feel the present.

Feel the only realness.

God’s ultimate creation – this earth and the aliveness of it all.

For our greatest pain is not from the outside but from within; our mind and heart.

The pain that people cannot see.

As only you are aware off.

“I know that loving you is treason against France, but not loving you is treason against my heart.”

Ultimately no win-win option.

Something’s you can watch movies or experience situation’s in life happen over and over again and the affect and results are always the same.

I am bored and hate this game,

this game which at times is called half a life.



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