Have you ever suddenly felt like you are at the complete mercy of your emotions, where it’s like a bubbling volcano. Where one push or one trigger could set it off – would push you over, causing you to explode. Possibly resulting in actions or words being said that you would not normally have done, and hence would highly likely later regret. So you try and keep suppressing it all, whilst trying to avoid

1. yourself (your own thoughts)


2. everyone else.

At the fear of loosing control of your own emotions which have suddenly somehow taken over your logical brain and has become a ticking time bomb. To not say things is better than trying to do two parallel things at the same time, consisting of explaining yet hiding emotions. As it all lingers and you think to yourself, please stop pushing, I don’t know how much more I can take of this. As you try and go back into the “right” mode you try to slowly edge backwards from the edge, hoping you get there quicker than the ticking.

In the end are we all slaves to our emotions? At the mercy of the chemicals inside of us?


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