So many changes have occurred.

In and out.

Good and Bad.

Around and within.

But some changes that I really want to happen have not. It’s still buried, but changes have led it to be buried deeper. Trying to live knowing it still exists, trying to act normal, even though it is so far from normal.

I try and reach and achieve so many other goals to try to fill and replace the void of the one thing I deeply want yet know I will never be able to get. Even knowing this does not stop these actions. I still continue to try to do so. Hoping……Maybe….. Just maybe something will be able to fill the gap, but the emptyness re-merge’s every so often. I’m learning to try and accept changes, to accept that there are just some things that I will never be able to get over/get, even given time. I’ve realized this and am now trying to learn to accept it and try to live with it. Is it easy? Far from it, but what is easy?


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