Dealing with different situations, people, things, emotions, issues in life requires us to take different actions. How do we know which one is the right one? How do we know it will not be the biggest mistake of our life? We don’t! We just take the approach that we deem to be most appropriate at that time, hoping that it is right.

I for one can admit that there are times when I struggle to deal with life, like you, I am only human. I feel, I make mistakes, I have fears, I have wants, I have cravings.  But unlike some I keep most of these close to my heart.

Is this the correct way to deal with stuff?

May be not, but sometimes I rather not talk, moan and complain about my problems, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Sometimes the problems are very serious and big – unimaginable to others, yet I still don’t say it. It is just I have more consideration for others, if not required I rather not burden others. I often wonder if this is self-less or a foolish act. Truth is I have the personality whereby I will be willing to take the fall, rather than talk bad about others. If in my dictionary you are deemed as worth it, then I am willing to do anything for you, deal with anything that comes at me to protect you. I know to some this may seem like a bad way of dealing with things but to me it’s just the way

I am.

I am willing to stay in the dark whilst you survive in the light.

I am willing to stay invisible whilst you are bold.


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