Collection of thoughts that have risen from my mind:

Scratching the surface.

Everyone’s life on Earth is like a surface.
People scratch the surface of our life.
Some will barely scratch and leave a mark.
But there are some that are able to leave a bigger mark.
Some will somehow manage to scratch through so many layers without realizing it, scratching through cemented walls that took years to be made, leaving a trail of marks in your life.
There are even times when it has been so deep that you are left scarred for life.
Even if time has gone by,
and people have moved on.
The scars still exist and it stills hurts.
There are some marks on the surfaces, which remind you of happy times.
Each scar has a story, each one will pull on a different nerve and will bring back certain emotions. Some we wish we could re-live, some we wish we could suppress forever.
Throughout life these surfaces will keep being scratched upon until the day we leave this Earth.

A particular scar? Logic so intense and so much of it, yet it constantly battles against the heart. It’s so painful because it’s like two lorries – one carrying a truck load of toxic logic and the other carrying a truck load of toxic emotions, and they are continuously smashing into each other, over and over again in my mind. As both substances mix they react and become even more toxic, lethal and deadly. I am drained and hurt. The blood flowing in my body is now completely tainted and causing excruciating pain, leaving me unable to breathe and function properly anymore. Classified as a permanent scar?


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