Depending on your upbringing, the country you are born in, grew up in, your religion, these and many other factors would all have a significant influence on your views and your culture.

This post was generated because of some things I had witness recently on the western culture. The excessive drinking culture. How it is seen as “ok” to get smashed, drunk till you can no longer walk straight. Or can no longer drink anymore. It is strange because it seems as if we as a society drink because this allows us to do things that we would not normally do if we are sober. To a extent it let’s us be someone else, some become more chatty, flirty, outspoken, active, crazy, aggressive. It’s like the drunkeness enables us to go into a different world. To escape our own world. To for a few hours forget everything around us. To loose logic and feelings. To be another person.

It is seen as a somewhat acceptable culture, whereby birthdays, payday, celebration, christmas, boxing day’s ok to go out and drinking a lot it’s what is seen as the obvious choice.

Drinking actually costs the NHS thousands, it also causes people to behave irresponsibility and they act badly and create problems, so cost’s the police force thousands too. However there is also a flip side because it creates a big market within the economy.However true be told not everyone is like this where they constantly get smashed but there is a very large popular of teens and young adults, even those in their mids will exercise this drinking culture.

This article says it all:

It is a drinking culture that has now been passed down and is now a “norm.” Right or wrong? Your answer would also depend on your personal culture…


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