Reality strikes occasionally onto us.

We are reminded of certain things that we have been distracted away from during our hectic life.

Suddenly you look round and notice how certain things and people have changed, it is hard to watch these changes so we choose to ignore it till reality strikes, forcing us to notice. It’s hard to see these changes, but the truth is it’s harder to remember what use to be.

Reality tells us that there are many people in our life, but only a hand full will be there during our highs and our darkest hours. There are also a few who can light up our darkest days but they also are the one’s who causes our darkest days, because you care about them too much which means that they can hurt you so much and the deepest.

After standing so strong, for so long there comes a time when you become very tired. Just like, it rains because the clouds above can no longer handle the weight anymore, sometimes when the weight on our shoulders get too much we finally learn to let go and unburden some weight. To breathe freely again.


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