There is one world but the thing is within that there are countless other worlds.
Each person has their own world within themselves.
The outer world that our physical body lives in can vary.

There are times when it is so colorful, so full of joy. But there are also times when our own world cracks or others have a more darker world that influences our world creating issues. We try to separate different worlds from time to time however sometimes it can just be impossible or it may unintentionally manage to corrupt our own little world.

We all have inner demons and trouble souls, these can surface at anytime, it’s presence can strengthen us and provide us with greater abilities. It can lift us so high and vanquish our doubts and fears. But it is also these demons that can cause us to fall down onto our knees, spiral out of control and enter into a darker world. When night falls and so much is quiet we start hearing them. If we can suppress or take advantage of these inner demons then we become a better person. As Seneca said: “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

Yes we have to co-exist with many in this world, but let me tell you sometimes I am not always happy with this arrangement. There are times when it all turns into a claustrophobic world. If you think about it, things and people could be made more simple. Let’s for a minute imagine a very far fetched hypothetical world whereby if you could wave a wand and just help people find their ways, and for them to find each other. If all the lost people in this world were placed together do you think that they would be able to unlock each other and somehow bind to be more complete?

This world is a strange place, it’s very diverse and ever-changing. What is your world like?


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