Real and unreal

In and out of life, you encounter so much. There are different people, places, situations, objects, thoughts, feelings…

There comes a time when you figure out certain things, be it people,  work, issues of life, this is likely to be due to the fact that you have been so exposed to it all that you have figured out a pattern, or analyzed it to some extent.

You understand parts of life, you understand how things go round. You notice who are important to you, who you can trust, who understands you, who pretends to care and be your friend but in fact it’s more of an act. You find out whats real in life, what actually matters. There are times in life where the line between real and unreal merge together or become blurred, this can be unnerving but at the same time you learn from it.

Keep the real stuff close and in your mind, whereas those that are unreal have it in your life but be aware and alert of it all as it is unsustainable.


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