Worse Emotional Pains ever?

Let’s be prepared to walk or should I say fall down a very long bumpy, excruciating and painful road of memories, thoughts, emotions and pain. Ready?

Bring out the tissues.

I would have said going in order but frankly I just can’t measure the degree of painfulness. So just going to go from the top of my head. Feel free to add.

– loosing someone(through death)

-the feeling and result of failure.

– seeing and knowing that the one you love so deeply will never be  yours, and watching them slip away, and you are unable to do anything about it.

-unable to grasp the purpose of your life.

-loosing something you hold so dear

-not being able to find yourself, completely lost everything.

-collapsing to the extent where you cannot bounce back

– to have so much hatred and angry that you cannot control and repress it

-when your whole world shatter within, yet you have to pretend that everything is alright, when you want to just collapse and cry but you still have a small sense inside of you that is clinging on so you cannot express the pain and sorrow.

– forbidden love – separation.

– unable to be free – locked down.

– when you keep telling yourself it’s going to be ok but a part of you questions this.

– when you have lost your faith in people, yourself and God.

It get’s better though, because nothing lasts forever, the pain will eventually fade, it passes by and soon becomes a memory, yes sometimes it will be quick but sometimes it can be longer, but it will stop. Eventually everything will stop and vanish. Be patient, hold on.


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