How far would you go to get a story?

The big story recently to plague the UK is that of newspaper giant News of the World hacking into people’s phones to get inside information for their newspaper.

This first appeared to start of with celebrities( Elle MacPherson, Jude Law, Hugh Grant, Sienna Miller, Chris Tarrant…) The public later found out that it was possible that NoW also hacked into phones of MPs(George Osborne, John Prescott,  Tessa Jowell…), victims (Milly Dowler, Soldier’s relatives).

This left the public wondering:

The length some are willing to go to for a story.

How the media had gained so much power?

Where is:







-How far would people go to get a story?

-How far would people bend the lines?

-Would people really sell their morals?

-Where had the line been drawn for these and when were they blurred out?

After days of damaging reports NoW announced that it’s ending it’s 168-years-old tabloid and 10th July 2011 would be it’s last edition.

The BBC has reported that “The News of the World is doubling its print run to five million on Sunday as the 168-year-old newspaper publishes its historic final edition.” As it expects demands to increase drastically as many flood to buy the last ever edition.

So what kind of message are people sending if they all go out and buy the last edition? How does this justify where all these issues started off in the first place? How is people upping the sells at the end saying about what the newspaper has done?

Don’t get me wrong I appreciate how for many years this newspaper had provided many great stories and reports for the general public, and how a few mistakes should not overshadow all the good done in the past. This is why I believe that those who were responsible for these actions should have stood out and apologize and took responsibly for their actions and not pull down a whole newspaper and many behind it. It’s wrong how those who are mainly responsible for this has stood back and let

1. the newspaper fall


2.all the other innocent staff members who were sacrificed.

My thoughts go out to the victims:

– staffs – those at the bottom of this multi-million organization, who were just doing their job and knew nothing about this, and suddenly being made redundant.

-those who were victims of this phone hacking schemes.

What happens now?

This has been a massive wake up call for the media/press, in terms of how far they ought to go to get  a story. I guess this is a big shake up for the press. As I think finally as a result of all this, a clear line will finally be drawn for the press.

Other newspapers will now fight to get readers that were previously readers of NoW, but at the same time they have seen and will learn from the devastating mistakes of NoW.

Remember every action leads to consequences and results sooner or later………..


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