Monkey in Family Guy

Funny monkey in Family Guy – Does anyone have a monkey like this in their closet?  It could make things so very interesting.

Evolution has concluded that humans evolved from monkeys. I personally do not believe this as I believe God created us. However I am open to other people’s views and theories.

Like human’s monkey’s can come in different shape, size, personality, form, intelligence and so forth.

At the start I thought the evil monkey was Chris’s alter ego which would make sense. However we later find out that he is “real”

For more information on this unique and famous monkey please find below the link and paragraph about him:

“Evil Monkey (voiced by Danny Smith) – The Evil Monkey is a monkey living in Chris’ closet, who scares Chris whenever he jumps out of the closet by pointing at him with an evil grimace and a strange tremble (which the monkey claims is due to a copper deficiency). For much of the series, the family believes the Evil Monkey is a figment of Chris’ imagination. In “Hannah Banana“, Chris does poorly on a test at school and blames the Evil Monkey, who he says scared him while he was trying to study. Peter and Lois are taken aback when Chris catches it and shows it to them. The Evil Monkey explains that he moved into Chris’ closet after his wife had an affair and divorced him, and pointing at Chris was his way of trying to make conversation. Chris is unconvinced, but when Monkey helps him write a book report, Chris becomes friends with him. Eventually, Monkey moves out of Chris’ closet and parts ways with him, saying “I’ll go where I’m needed”, and moves to Jake Tucker’s closet as his new haunt. The monkey’s trademark grimace and pointing was the idea of writer Mike Barker.[12] In “The Cleveland Show” episode “BFFs“, Peter Griffin brought the Evil Monkey with him to rescue Cleveland and his friends from hillbilly rapists.”

Please note: “It is revealed he points at people to strike up a conversation”

So beware of this Evil Monkey who might hid in your closet and come out from time to time.

****Evil Monkey is pointing to you..YES YOU the one who is reading this to please leave a comment on this blog****


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