Irony can be so damn annoying, frustrating and troublesome. 

It’s ironic how you spend so long thinking about someone, about everything you want to say to them, yet when the time comes when your face to face, all of it just seems to fall out of the window.

It’s ironic how you realize the only person that can make you so happy and brighten up your day is the exact person who can make you feel so lonely and depressed.

It’s ironic how you get all the concept and theories yet when put into place you struggle to action them.

It’s ironic how the one person you want so badly is the one you can never get.

It’s ironic how you disappoint me so often, it’s like a inside joke, except it’s not funny, it’s painful but I will always forgive.

It’s ironic  how everything seems to contradict each other.

It’s ironic how parents try their best to control their kids which means that in the end the kids end up with their parent’s flaws plus their own flaws, and if they have kids this same thing will occur and it will keep occurring. It’s all practically a vicious cycle.

It’s ironic how all these issues show the flaw of human beings. But remember this, if it makes sense it is not life. 


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