Blasting Music

Blasting Music can be annoying but only if it’s played out on speaker in public places. If your just blasting music in your headphones/earphones and others cannot hear it, then I personally think that’s ok.

Truth be told, I live for music. It takes me into a different world, it blocks out issues, you become very absorbed and relaxed. Sometimes the songs I listen to takes me to different places, represents stuff I want to say but cannot say. It is so strange when your listening to the radio and you hear a song or phrase that expresses exactly how you feel at that precise moment and for a split second your thinking FREAKY!

The day when everything changed, was the first time I noticed that you were music to me and music was you, and that if you’re not there then there is no music. But at the same time, it allowed me to go into a different world.


If I could use different songs to represent how I feel about you I wonder which songs will appear when I scribble down the list on a pad?


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