Mixtures of thoughts


“Occasionally thoughts enter and exist my mind, some pleasant, some dark. Truth and experiences has it that people go through so many different phases during and throughout life. Truth be told I sometimes wonder if I’m somehow not meant to be in this world, because so much I feel, believe, see, experience is so against the reality in this world. Yes, it is true that there is no one way to live nor one perspective etc..However far too often mine seems so utterly different or not connected.”

“It’s painful when once upon a time you meant something to someone and suddenly nothing, and you are left standing in the past, struggling to let go, struggling to breathe and struggling to live on. But they just cruise pass you not even looking back. How I miss you so. My mind and heart constantly lingers on you. I find myself constantly counting how many days it has been, hoping it will get easier but it does not. They say if you really care about someone, let go, Im trying, but let me tell you, it’s not so easy. I read somewhere once that feel free to fall in love, fall deep and real, but without losing yourself, never let anyone be your everything, because when they do, it can crush you in a heart beat, and you could end up with nothing. This is why you need to keep yourself grounded, to remember the other things happening in life.”

“Concept and words sound so easier and simple but actioning them is still troublesome even at the best of times.”

“I may act like I don’t mind. But everyone has a limit and when it all eventually exceeds the limit >> unleashed >> you’ll experience a whole new me, in a whole new light/dark.”

“No one ever said change is easy, but there comes a day when change is needed.”


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