As I enter into a unconscious world…..

The sky is so clear,

But my thoughts are not there,

I try my best not to think about you,

But it just does not work.

To most people,

I seem fine.

But the underlining point is

Without you by my side,

I am nothing inside.

Just empty and hollow.

This is why it is so much better when I am asleep,

As I enter into a unconscious world……….

D.I.E – Disconnect.Isolate.Evaporate

L.I.V.E – Laugh.Interests.Visit.Explore

In the word “there” has inside it “here” so you have to be here before you can get there. So i guess I have to endure being here at this current state and mind before I can get to a better place, over on the other side, there?


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