Slipped away

In life, we encounter so many different things and people.

Lately a lot has happened, more than usual as I have had to come face to face with some issues that I rather not, such as big changes in people and life in general.

Some have slipped away, in terms of death, in terms of distance, purposes and meanings.

Today I had a reflection on some pointers:

when someone is here, why is it that at times it is so hard to say how we feel, even though we know that when they leave, words will mean nothing. Maybe because we keep assuming that there will always be tomorrow or later?

when distance is created, you are left looking back, at what you had, how great it was, I find myself unintentionally ending up back at places where we went together, naively hoping that fate would allow me to bump into you.

Time moves on, people may change, but the past, the history and the memories still remain.

We often hold onto things but we do not realize that sometimes that’s not always the greatest plan, because the tighter you try to clutch/grip on, the worse it could get in life.

For example coal, water and sand can be used as a metaphor to explain the same concept.

The more you hold onto coal the more you hurt yourself.

Holding onto water just slips out of your grasp.

Tighter you try to grip onto sand the quicker it slips away.

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They often say that love is a gift, it pains me so much to say this: but sometimes it is just not enough.

It takes strength to hold on, but it takes greater strength and courage to let go when the time is right. If doing so creates a distance even if deep down you feel as if you do not want this, it may not actually be a bad move, because then you can see how much someone/something means to you, or how much/little you mean to them.

Letting go of everyone and every single thing.


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