General Thoughts

Today’s General Thoughts:

It’s the differences which makes it unique, interesting but at times so painful. It can seem like a invisible wall cast between two people.

A phrase that I once heard in a song, “if I could fall in love with someone else then the issue would be solved”  The phrase sounds so damn simple and straight forward yet it depth it’s like mission impossible

I _ _ _ _ you

I need you

I love you

I want you

I hate you

I feel you

I am the kite and you are the wind. Without you I am nothing, just like without wind the kite is almost useless.

The world stops for no one, regardless of how famous, how rich or how powerful you are. People may leave and this world will keep turning but once in a while during the day, the people in the world will stop for a moment or two and people will think of them.

Close to 13000 hits on my website, wow I am shocked but also very excited and happy about this achievement, when I first started my blog around 4 years ago had no idea that I would end up keeping my blog active for this long. I am proud of me and thanks to those who have popped on my sites, furthermore greatly thanks to those who have posted comments, much appreciated.


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