The weather in London was relatively sunny and pleasant today. Whilst walking along the river bank I took in the breeze, fresh air, the warmth shined on my face, watching the calm waves of the river. Listening to people chit chattering, tourists happily taking pictures and talking in different languages, people walking their dogs, observing kids running around chasing pigeons.

I suddenly had a realization, when we were kids, most of us would chase pigeons, or just follow them, trying to catch them, honestly believing that we would catch them if we persisted and go after them with no fear. But have you noticed how grown up now hate or to some extent fear pigeons, when they suddenly flap their wings as if flying towards us or very close at us?

It’s strange how this has drastically changed. What has changed? I wondered to myself whilst now sitting on a bench.

Well for one we have experienced more of life, to the point where we understand that the pigeon will almost 99.9% of the time will fly off and escape before we can catch it. Furthermore we now get that sometimes in life persistence may not always lead to  the result we crave for so much, sometimes we have to let go, to get or to see it from a different point of view. So in the pigeon scenario, we have to let go of the chase to see it fly up, watch it from a distance and experience something different. ( even though I have used the pigeon as an example, I have to admit I don’t really like pigeons, like most Londoners I view them as flying rats, however they help make revelation for me today and a very interesting point)

We often chase many things throughout life, from a young age like the example above, pigeons, or siblings, boys/girls, football, achievements, goals, people, dreams etc…

Yet chasing may not always be so great, because it uses up so much effort, energy, and it is never ending, but not to say we should not chase stuff because without goals that are worth chasing we don’t have much.I guess it really depends on the perspective of the actions and results.

We often find we chase after those we love, wanting them to be closer. There is a famous saying “If you love someone let them go, if they come back then it was meant to be” Sometimes we “do” need to stop chasing to let go, so we could see things from a different view and let yourself breathe a bit easier so that we can see more clearly.

There are many occasions where others cannot help us make these decisions, on whether to chase or to let go. You have to make it yourself. Look at the current position, the distance, the aim, the process, the value and the result.



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