Surfaces can have different texture, shapes, appearances, value, depth etc. It may seem like something but when you approach or do something to it, it could change form or look completely different.

People can seem different on the surface and be quite different behind the surface. This may originally seem quite bad, because it’s like a deception, but “there are two sides to a coin” “two side to a story”

Some may preach something so righteous yet seconds later could act completely different and go against what they are actually preaching. Revealing a completely different surface.

I think I once said people tend to have quite a few sides, because they may behave different in front of their family than if they were with their friends, or work colleagues etc..

From personal experience I would have to say on the surface to the world I seem so carefree, mainly joyful but within there are times when i do feel very hollow and not right. But I do not always show this because I do not want to worry and burden others, furthermore I want to spread joy, laughter, happiness and protect those I care about rather than unhappy stuff.

So I guess don’t always take stuff on the surface, there are lots under. Do look deeper and further. This universe is much more vase than what we could see with our naked eyes.

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