Views on hope

Regardless of our personality, surroundings, beliefs. Within us all there is hope, it may be more stronger in some than in others, but everyone has hope, it could be a lot it could be a little but at the end of the day it exists.


Because hope gives us comfort. We want this reassurance, the moments whereby we can wish and hope for the better. To believe that good will come if we have enough hope.

For example:

-Why so many buy the lottery even though the logical side of them knows that the chance of winning is very slim –

“it’s a one in 14 million chance. Trying to hit the jackpot on a weekly basis can cost more than £100 a year. How many friends can you name who’ve won more than that on the lottery?”

because for a short period of time it makes us feel happy, the thought and hope of winning puts  a smile on our face.

-Why during bleak times, when we have lost so much that a part of us still feels and hopes that it will be ok, this is because we have seen others get through it, we want to believe that so can we, furthermore hoping for improvement makes it all feel a bit better.

We put our hope in God because we know he has his reasons for everything so we hope that he will provide us with answers, we put our faith in him. Knowing no matter what happens tomorrow will be better and the sun will eventually rise and shine again.

In life, we are often faced with so many different scenarios, experiences change us, we loose hope, we gain hope, but at the end of the day it is best to remember to keep hope close by, because without hope we will definitely struggle to live.


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