Society – Weight – Skinny

This week I had a passing conversation with a friend,  we were talking about food and weight and

I had said you are skinny

and she replied I want to be skinner.

I was a bit taken back by this so without really thinking I said any skinner and you will be bones.

To my astonishment she replied bones is good.

This conversation lingered on my mind after, hence the post I am writing today. Where do you draw the line?

Where do you draw the line in regards to dieting, how much you say to someone, so how much to intervene into their business? I did want to say, you may have a issue, with food and self image, but is that ok to say? I feel as if it’s not my place but at the same time I have a sense of worry for my friend, even though we are not very close friend’s but I still care.

This brings me onto society, the factor of image: skinny and slim means more than often, beauty. This is of course not true but we have seen with our own eyes how so many enter into the entertainment industry and they have “changed;” become skinner. Examples such as the following: Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Beyonce, Charlotte Church, Kate Winslet, Jennifer Hudson, more recently Lady Gaga. So when you are growing up and you are surrounded by these you ultimately are influenced one way or another by these, and it can affect your confidence and self image.  This is much more likely to be a issue for younger generation/teens as the growing up phase is already hard and this mixed with hormones and emotions means that they are likely to be more influenced by things around them.

The issues I have raised seem to be mainly for girls/women, of course image applies to men too, especially in today’s society but women tend to judge themselves more on image and women judge each other too. Making this all a bit harder.

These issues can be very dangerous if it spins out of control, it is hard to stay focus on the right path when there are so many distractions and hurdles but we need to remember God made us this way for a reason, we need to love ourself, forget about what other people think about you, or what they are doing, love yourself.


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