Love is…………..

…..when someone hurts/disappoints you so badly, and you get mad but you don’t yell or show it because you know it would hurt their feelings. So instead you keep it within and sacrifice yourself  for them.

~There are 1403876 other people in this world yet you make me smile 1403876 times a day, but you are also the one that could take away the smile 1403876 times a day. Yes, you are so powerful.

~Love is when you do some much for someone because you cherish the moments you have together, and you know  your feelings for them are likely to last forever but not everything in life does and there will be changes. So you want to be able to spend every moment you can with them.

~When understanding between two people have reached a level where not everything has to be stated or said out aloud, but both understand each other = when two becomes one.

~Love is when someone does not have to say compliments, they don’t have to say words that are perfect, but they can still somehow make you smile or make you feel better even when you have had the worse day, because they are by your side and their presence already means the world to you.

~Love is when there is distance between you, and you miss them immediately and every second after that till you meet again.

~The worse way to miss someone is when they’re right next to you and you miss them anyway because a part of you know’s that they will never truly be yours and you don’t have their full heart, yet they have taken your full heart even without realizing.

~Love is when you care for the other person’s happiness more than that of your own, no matter how painful the choices you may have to face alone.

~They use rings for marriages to symbolize joining of two people, closeness, tradition has it that the ring placed on the marriage finger on the left hand is because this is where a vein from this finger runs directly to the heart, putting a ring worn here closer to the heart than a ring worn on any other finger, unbroken circle representing eternity, but have you noticed how suffeRING also uses the ring.

~Love is when you are not sure why you are waiting or holding on when a part of you knows you can’t be mine but it does not matter because you are willing to just stand close by to them, to watch and be there whenever they call.

~There is no such thing as perfection, but in my eyes you are perfect.

~Love is like:

-a quicksand: as the quicker you fall in, the harder it is for you to come out.

-a mirror: once broken, it cannot be mended back to how it use to be.

-glass: once shattered if you try to pick up the broken pieces you may end up hurting yourself.

~It is said that everything happens for a reason, yet I am continuously searching for these reasons. Reasons as to why it is you, reasons as to why it is so difficult at times, and yet so perfect all the other times. I guess then the other sayings applies: no pain no gain and God works in mysterious ways, we just have to wait and see.

~Love is when logic goes out the window, when feelings take over.

So basically the conclusion IS it’s virtually impossible to define love.


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