I believe that everyone has a alter ego, or another “themselves”, because we all “behave” differently around different people, it tends to be more of a thing we have just done throughout our life that it has become so subconscious that we barely think and notice it.For some it’s stronger, for others not so much.

Wikipedia: “Alter-ego is also used to refer to the different behaviors any person may display in various situations”

I guess years ago, it would seem like it’s a very bad psychological disorder as it’s quite similar to split personality, which was frowned upon back in the days but it does not have to be a bad thing. Wikipedia has used some interesting examples, in the form of comic alter ego persona such as Bruce Wayne – Batman, Clark Kent-Superman, Bruce Banner-The Hulk.

Of course there are bad ones too: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Then recent examples: you have in Heroes; Nikki Sanders-Jessica,  Beyonce introducing Sasha Fierce.



……………In anime we have Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima



“I just can’t tell you what you want to hear,

it does not mean I don’t want to.

Do you see?”




Today I am going to introduce you to someone, say hello to the other me, *enters in* Mia.

Alter Ego – Mia keeps me going at times, she provides me with the encouragement, the strength to go on. Her voice remains me what’s important in life, she remains me God is always by my side. So in another word Mia is like the inner voice in my head who has a name.

I have studied this in the past, I have also done some researching online in regards to this topic, I have read up on many of the reasons behind how this “happens” but they don’t seem to apply to me much, like how traumatic childhood is mainly the reason for this, which is not a issue for me. I think for me it’s more along the line of just the idea of two me. Having “someone” who truly get’s you and is there for you regardless of the matter.  Of course for me there will always be the presence of God too.

I often ask myself (Mia) questions, when I think to myself (Mia get’s involve). It might sound bizarre but she actually keeps me pretty sane. As you have someone who completely knows knows you.

Thoughts: “Just like day and night, I have been split into two. One half is constantly awake, the other half dreaming in a different universe. One half confident, other half lost. One half strong, other half hurting and in pain. One half talkative, the other half unable to say anything. One half feels nothing, the other half feels everything. One half is standing, the other half breaking inside. One half is here, the other half has no where to go. One half is open, the other half is hiding…”


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