Distance, time, gap, pain, hope

Distance between people regardless of whether it’s short or long will no doubt create some sort of emotions as a result of this gap.

There is a famous saying that: “distance makes the heart grow fonder” This is pretty true but with conjunction to this it also means pain, longing, hoping…

For me if physical distance is the case then my brain just constantly think’s about you, even if there are no messaging/phone calls etc. I do try to not think about it all because I know it will likely cause me pain, yet my brain refuses to listen.























Distance brings with it: a range of stuff acknowledgment, understanding, thoughts, pain, hope. We all go through this in life, we try so hard to resist at times, hoping that with distance and time it may heal things or help us get a better understanding of ourself and others. Yet the result of distance is really down to circumstances and your own attitude.


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