Currently I have very strong feelings for you, it feels like you are my world, that I cannot live without you. I cannot let go. Yet it is all so difficult, as I care so much about you yet you seem to keep your distance and not care as much as I do. This leads me to wonder is there someone else out there that is more right for me?

Yet at this current point in time, my feelings are all aimed at you, whether I think it’s right or wrong, I can no longer control it. Time has passed by, I had thought they would eventually vanish yet I was wrong, as these feelings have just accumulated.

It’s hard to put it all into words……….. Even though currently I feel you are my whole world, a part of me wishes that someone out there will love and care for me as I would care about them.As at times you hurt me more than what I deserve because I love you more than what you deserve. I wonder may it be easier if I push you away not bcause I have stopped loving you but because I have to shield myself from the current pain and the massive heartbreaks and pain in the future.

Somewhere, somehow, someone…..In this world can complete me, but whether I would find this person is another issue. Considering this world is massive, [1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6 billion people] finding your own life path is hard already let along finding the right person.

Someone who makes me feel comfortable.

Someone who will make me feel that loving them is the greatest decision I have ever made.

Get’s me/understands me

Accepts me for who I am..

Does not doubt me even when I doubt myself…

Is my best friend, family, other half, soul mate…

Will be able to provide me with what I have always craved for.

For me to love and care for you unconditionally and for you to do the same.

To complete each others world so that two become one.

To stand by me through thick and thin.

Where are you?

I still have faith in God, that he will not let me stand alone, he has his plans for me..

Darkness cannot put out the light. It can only make God brighter.

Patience, belief, faith, good things goes to those that wait, leave the best to last. I believe and hope.


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