Edward’s confession to Jake (Chapter 1)

Nothing eventful happened that day. Edward had just come home from a typical day at high school. As usual he dropped his rucksack on to his bedroom floor. Walked over to his PC and started playing his music. ((song name))From the chair he jumped across to his bed, and laid there with his head resting onto his arm and staring up at the ceiling. This song always made him so relaxed and calm.

A little while later, Edward heard a mumble. He ignored it at first, thinking it was nothing much, probably a pop up that had appeared on his PC, but it continued. Edward lifted his head up and looked towards his desk. There sitting on his chair was a boy. The boy was rocking back and forth on the chair like a “typical grand-dad” would do but he was not much older than Edward himself, about 16 or so. He had spiked up brunette hair, wearing a simple black t-shirt and rugged jeans.

Edward was very confused at this point. He questioned the boy: “how did you get in here? who are you? what do you want?”

The boy answered back joyfully: ” wow so many question so little time to answer them, I feel so pressured.” he scratched his head in a teasing way.

Edward started to get a bit angry now.

“ok ok, keep your hair on Edward. Someone special sent me to keep an eye on you, you don’t need to know who, all you have to know is it’s all going to start now………..”

At that time, Edward had no idea what was going on. He actually thought he had fallen asleep whilst listening to music and was dreaming. So he continued on. Like we do, in dreams.

Edward had no idea that Jake was about to change his life forever…………………………….


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