Cyber world, internet, escape from reality

Blogging, reading, tweeting, listening to music, watching things like series, movies etc. Could at times be great, why? Because it let’s me for that period of time, say 30mins or 1hour or so, escape to a different place, world, hemisphere. Somewhere that is beautiful but above all different, from reality. I can go into a world where I do not have worries, where there is a different kind of hope. I know this may seem wrong, because we should treasure our life, but far too often it get’s too much that I would rather escape to elsewhere. I guess it is the “easy” option. However eventually you have to come back and when you do you still have to face the same things. But I still choice to be able to escape even for a little while, it’s worth it.

Technology and Internet has changed the world in so many ways, in such a short period of time. I remember when i was younger (lets say about 10 years ago) mobile phones were simple gadgets which were just used to make phone calls, text and had a few additional simple functions like alarm and games. A few years on and we now have phones that can perform the functions of a camera, computer, game console.
Technology has changed people’s way of life too. We now have a dependency on technology. Remember when once upon a time we could remember all birthdays and phone numbers, now I must admit I can just about remember my own number.
I am sure, like many, we now find ourselves unconsciously doing multiple things at one time.
Who watches TV whilst clicking away on their laptop or phone?
Who sits there socializing with their friends whilst texting on their phone?  ( I must admit I rarely do this as I find it rude)
Who can imagine themselves being a wreck if they did not have their phone on them for a whole day?
Guilty!! Guilty!!
This can all seem to be a good thing as we are multi-tasking, however it can also be seen as affecting our concentration as we cannot focus on one thing at a time.
Whether we like it or not we generally have to accept that technology is playing a greater part in all our life.

I am quite sure that most people have accounts on internet sites in the form of mail, social networks, gaming sites, the list goes on….

The cyber world has enabled us to spread our life across the world. Creating a reality and an invisible world.
Internet; WordPress, blogging, twitter etc has provide us with a different hemisphere.
WordPress is like a second you, a place where you can express anything.
Twitter is a bank for thoughts and a place where you feel you ‘know’ celebrity, and where you ‘know’ lots of people who ‘follow’ you.
Whereas Facebook is a bank for your real life.
In today’s society we have all started to live a part of our life in the clouds(internet wise)…


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