Trust and believe our Lord

The world is a mysterious place, or should I say God does not reveal all his plans for us. He knows everything that he wants for us. He gives us challenges, chances, tasks throughout life. At times we triumphant through them easily, other times we struggle, but he has also provided us with numerous help, which could be in the form of other people, signs, the Bible etc…

The harder the path, the struggle, the challenges, just mean’s that it’s God’s way of strengthening us, letting us learn how to become more resilient.

I came across an very inspiring quote today and figured I would share it:

“God didn’t promise days without pain,

laughter without sorrow,

sun without rain,

but he did promise strength for the day,

comfort for tears,

light for the way.

If God brings you to it,

he will bring you through it.”

{{Author Anonymous}}

So let’s remember to: Trust and believe our Lord .


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