Whilst surfing on the net today I came across a interesting piece of information:

“The average person tells 4 lies a day or 1460 a year. Furthermore the most common lie is “I am fine”

There are many ways that people describe lies. It could be deceiving,  sugar coating the true, white lie, trying to protect others, self protection by hiding the truth etc.. Regardless of what you call it, everyone does it. “To say you have never lied before, is in itself a lie.”

We lie to ourself, to others. It is a process in life which really depends on the situation because at times not knowing the truth is like the term “ignorance is a bliss” because you will not feel the pain. But at the same time if or when the lie breaks down it will cause so much more pain. However as we grow up we are automatically “unconditioned” to lie, at times it becomes an unconscious action.

Lying could be in the form of hiding your feelings, or not admitting your feelings to someone. Technically speaking your not lying because the person is not asking you if you have feeling for them, but it’s not being honest either. Sometimes we tell lies because we know that even if we tell the truth it may not change anything or it may make it a million times worse.

So loosely speaking lying mainly surface as a result of fear

-the fear of consequences of telling the truth

-fear of if you tell the truth you might not be able to handle the response/situation.

The major issue here is the lies will always exist, it may change forms over the years, it could accumulate into bigger lies, or  get buried away but it will always exist because a lie was started.


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