Love and Hate

There is a saying “there’s a fine line between love and hate.”

I can see how this phrase has been passed down through time.

When we love someone we want to give them everything, the whole world. Our life evolves around them. But when we fall out of love, or when they fall out of love with us. This changes in a heart beat. When we cannot have someone we deeply love, we go through some stages:

first comes confusion (why is this happening),

hope (that it will change and go back to the way it was),

despair (when relization hits us that we cannot go back to what “was”),

angry (why is this happening to me)

pain ( tears, depression)

hate ( after we have put our-self through so much suffering and heart break we feel we don’t deserve more pain so we re-direct this to the one we loved so badly)

This is a process in life that we all encounter, and at times it is a cycle. God created us and enable us to love but at the same time he also created hate. Both of these factors work in a way to enable us to develop, learn and be stronger people. There may be times when all this may feel like it collapses on our shoulder and we struggle to comprehend why this is happening or whether it is worth the trouble. But remember God has his reasons for us, we need to believe in him. We need to find the strength to continue to love even if in the past it has resulted in hate. As regardless of it all, the process has made us more resilience and stronger.


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