Had a strange chat with a colleague today. He was telling me how I look very young, something like I look 5 years younger than my actual age, and he stated at times I acted very young too.

I thought about what he said, and to some extent this is true. But at the same time in my mind I thought, there are so many different layers in people. Of course I can’t really say this applies to everyone. But for myself, I know there is.

To the outside world, I may seem immature, young, always positive, yet under all this my mind and thoughts are very developed. I analyze so many situations, I have always dealt with my own problems, I keep a lot to myself, I am more independent than people give me credit for at times. And truth be told quite hard to read and understand at times as I am not really a open book. From a young age and till now, I have continuously taken on the world on my own shoulders, I’ve analyzed issues and solved most of the problems I have encountered.  I have learnt from these experiences, developed as a person. To be frank it has all changed me, however mainly from within. We all learn to grow, and personally I think this has meant I have created many layers within myself.


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