Cross paths

Vixstar1314 thinks: “There are billions of people in this world.” And then this leads to the following thoughts and hence post:

Everyday we all go about our own life as per usual. We don’t always process certain actions, because it becomes second nature,  a routine, sub-conscious actions.  Of course, there will be differences in each day, some more drastic then others, there will be unexpected events which we may perceive as  life changing, but occasionally they tend to be something that just passes by unnoticed.

If we think about it, we walk pass so many people each day.

The process of two people; for a split second crossing paths. Then continuing on with their life, not noticing each others existence.

Then there are times when two people, crosses paths, and something happens. Something changes. There is an encounter. The process could be an endless possibility of explanations, whether it is:



or just a process in life that occurred.

Something changes.

There is a connection.

Some go on to become:


bestest friends,


loved ones,

life partners,

soul mates etc……

It is very difficult and virtually impossible to completely understand and explain how the encounter has come-about.  Whether it be:


opposites attract,


emotional chemical release,


If you think back to how you met certain people in your life, some encounter are a blur, some leave a imprint on your memory, but it may be quite difficult to understand how or why you and that person actually connected in the first place.

The bottom line is: a bond was formed, at time’s this could last for:







or years

it really depends on:

the people,



life itself etc….

Sometimes these bonds could be so strong that it never breaks, but there are times when we try so hard to hold on to these bonds, but in the end they still break, which in turn means we break. We feel as if we no longer walk amongst billions of people on the streets, the whole world will physically be surrounding us, people walking around us, yet it feels completely like your walking alone.

This may last for a short period of time, but may feel like a lifetime has passed by. The fine line is that eventually the people all around you will start to enter back onto your path as time begins to heal pains and for many different reasons you start realizing and letting them back onto your path, as there is no such thing as, no people in this world. Because God created lots of us. So  the process of crossing paths will inevitability occur again, and we find ourself’s crossing paths with other people again, and not being alone.

Cross pathing is a cycle.

Just like life itself is a cycle.

It will never end, just like the rain will never stop falling, there will be time’s when it stops, but it will begin again. How the process is perceived is based on us.

There will be so many paths you walk down during your life, before you find one that is right/comfort for you then you will continue to walk down this one for a while, but inevitably you will still end up taking lots of other paths, there are no set paths because life is constantly changing, and we are constantly adapting to it.

This is the


story of






2 Responses to “Cross paths”

  1. I like your message with the images. It is mind-numbing to think that so many paths that crossed offer us specific opportunities to do His will.

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    I totally agree with you =)

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