Our time on earth…….

There will be constant changes in life, but there will be one thing that will not change, your history (your past). There will always come a point in our life whereby we try so  hard to run away from our past, but the saying “you can never run away from your past” is so true.

It’s like a fact, like you can never out run your shadow. So eventually we get tired of running, we slow down, we stop, we face up to that which we have tried so hard to run from. This is part of the process of learning and self development.

But there are always many sides to a story. So tragically there are times when people’s past crush them, whereby they try to face it but get’s engulfed within it. To the extent where they see no light. No exit. Where they make one final fatal decision. To put a end to it all. There is a adverse multiple affect that arises from this action. They may have put a end to their life but it’s a beginning of a nightmare for their loved ones.  As their life  just shatter. In a sec.  An heart beat. An instant. A blink of a eye. The world will collapse and stop spinning for them.

The choice >> The decision>> The act >> The result >> The ending >> The conclusion

One Response to “Our time on earth…….”

  1. Knowing that we always can turn to Jesus who has faced more pain than we can imagine is something that to comfort us during whatever trial.

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