The candle

In many cultures and religions, candles are used often for prayers, this is because it represent light and life, its symbolic in varies ways.

“Eternal flames date back to Delphi but are seen in many parts of the world at monuments, such as at the Arc de Triumph in Paris which is dedicated to World War 1.  Many churches also have an eternal flame – however many are instead a bulb with a red lamp surrounding it.  The eternal flame is written in the Hebrew Bible, Exodus 27:20-22, to be kept aflame and symbolize that God is ever present.  The eternal flame has also been found in local Methodist churches – not like the references to only being in Jewish Synagogues.” –

Candles also at times symbolizes peace. As centuries past by candles became more developed with different scent, shape, size. It is very popular, not only in religious places but at homes too.

I’ve got one lit at the moment, and taking in the scent of vanilla, enables me to feel calm and at peace. Watching the flame gently flicker, lighting up the darkest of places.

But the candle will not burn forever, there will come a time when it burns out, just like life. But what is important is the time before that, and the use that it is put too.


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