Finding my feet

Wondering when life will give me a breather, I thought I found my feet a few months ago yet, I find myself constantly stumbling, rushing, out of breath, about to trip……I use to think life would run more smoothly when you grow up, how wrong was I.When your young you have simple thoughts yet as you get older you try hard to keep everything simple, but it’s like a tag of war between this view and life. Because life changes things, changes people, simple life is just so hard in today’s society I know you should not conform but if you don’t there is just no place for you, just your own world is left..This is also why I wish one day I can go somewhere for like a fortnight where their lifestyle is secluded from the world. Where it’s a small community or village whereby there is no technology, life is basic, free, base on nature. I think this would be so refreshing and will give a whole new perspective.

Doing the right thing does not also seem to work, when factors like other people, situation and events are completely out of your grasp. You try and try yet it does not always help. I need for some essential things to go right,right about now to give me the boost that I so really need.  Since when did the path become so messy and bumpy. And when will it be smooth again???

There are so many concepts in life, that I understand, I get the theory. Yet it’s not so easy implementing the theories at time. We are constantly learning about the world, about others, about ourself, learning is never complete in life.

In life we are constantly searching for answers, answers to questions posed to us at work, by people, by society, by ourself. Yet we know that we will never get all the answers but ironically this does not stop us from still questioning and looking for answers. this is the annoying thing about life but at the same time the uniqueness of life. Life itself is such a huge contradiction at times. How I need to somehow perk up!!!!!!!!


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