Collection of Quotes of the Day

– Ayrton Senna was often quoted using driving as a means for self-discovery, and racing as a metaphor for life:

“The harder I push, the more I find within myself. I am always looking for the next step, a different world to go into, areas where I have not been before. It’s lonely driving a Grand Prix car, but very absorbing. I have experienced new sensations and I want more. That is my excitement, my motivation.”

-Tupac: “Everyone is at war with different things. Sometimes I think I am at war with my own heart.”

– “You know life is always up and down, so why are you worried when you’re at the bottom?”

-For someone who is supposed to be “just friends” why do I always get butterflies in my stomach when you smile at me?”

-“No matter how badly someone is hurting you, letting them go hurts even worse.”

  • “Dear Heart, sorry for all the damage.”
  • “Dear Pillow, sorry for all the tears.”
  • “Dear Tummy, sorry for all the butterflies.”
  • “Dear Brain, sorry for overloading you with thoughts.”

– There’s a ‘lie’ in believe. There’s an ‘over’ in lover. There’s an ‘end’ in friend. There’s an ‘us’ in Trust and there’s an ‘if’ in life.

  • “Behind every smile, there’s a frown. Behind every “I hate you”, there’s an I love you.”
  • “I admit it. I’m afraid to fall in love again or let someone get close to me because losing that shit almost drove me off the edge.”

“If we were supposed to talk more than listen, we would have two mouths and one ear.”

-“Forgive me for my weakness, but I don’t know why its so hard to live without you.”

-” Don’t you just hate people to ask cheerfully how you are when they know you’re feeling like hell and expect you to say “fine”.

-I smile, doesn’t mean that I’m happy. Cos it takes one smile to cover a million tears

-“It’s quite ironic that in life the person that brings out the best in you and the one that makes you strong is actually your weakness.”

-Vixstar1314: Sometimes in life:

-it rains, it’s sunny

-you fall, you stand back up

-the moon is covered by clouds. The moon is revealed and is much brighter.

-love and you loose,

-you gain and there’s pain

There is two side, to everything or sometimes there are numerous sides. I guess what I’m saying is that there are different phases in life, sometimes its low sometimes it’s high. Try to go with the flow.


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