The Mind

No one really knows a person completely, because no one can get into other people’s mind,  everyone behaves different towards different people, different places, different situations etc. does that mean we all sort of have a very light form of split personality? I hold my hand up and admit I feel like a different person when I’m hanging out with friends, when I’m at work, when I’m by myself, it’s strange because until I stopped and think about it, I don’t realize this, it just happens subconsciously. But I guess every one is like this right???

The best and worse place at times is in my mind. This is where I conjure up creative things, where so much goes on within, where logic and thoughts flow constantly. However at the same time it’s the worse place at times too, because at times I cannot control what goes on inside, I cannot figure out my own mind, I want to stop thoughts  yet I don’t seen to be able to. It is said that the mind controls everything, including the heart, which is pretty much true in my view. The mind is so powerful, it can take you places you have never been, even never will go to, sometimes these places you did not even want to go to but you cannot stop it. Some say the mind drives you crazy I totally agree. This is why, when people have mental disorders, that affects the mind or the mind actually does the it, itself such as split personality, schizophrenia etc..It makes me really sadden by it because “theoretically” speaking the mind is yours, you should be able to control pretty much most of it. So when you loose most or even at worst all of this control it must be so unbearable.

Yet without the mind, we are nothing, there is no existence. The mind is apart from God and a few things like the universe etc, is one of the greatest creation by God. Think about it, without God giving us the creation of the mind how would there be stuff like technology, light, science, maths etc…….The mind allows us to be creative, to come up with ideas for greatness. It is a gift that God has given us whether it is a blessing or a curse can at times be debatable yet we cannot fault that the mind essentially make’s human’s what they are…………


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