What do you want to do next?

So I’ve been wearing my contract lenses for the whole day. I’m now sitting at my table, taken lenses off. Resting my eyes. I look up at my computer screen, and see a blurred image of “What do you want to do next” for a mini split second, I am thinking eh?

A special message?! Now the computer is also asking me THEE question, THEE BIG QUESTION, the one that I just can’t seem to fully answer at the moment.  A mini split second of *confusion!* Lol. Yes I know very dopey and strange of me. What was I thinking? Really, a questioning computer?! Wake up Vixstar! Lmaoo

To some it’s a phrase, a very straight forward phrase. However for me, its like a million questions just shooting at me. And it leaves me wounded, in pain and confused. Just like what a bullet would do. However the extent is obviously less final. As I’m not bleeding and dead!!!  Yes I do realise that the comparison I have made to some, would seem very far fetch. It’s like when Emma Watson recently said the finishing of the final filming of The Harry Potter movie felt like someone had died. When I heard that I was thinking you can’t compare the two. But now however I sort of see where she was coming from. Everyone has a “unique” way in which they put a situation into context, their “own” way of saying and describing.


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