The thing I hate most at the moment

is contradiction……….my whole life seems to be a contradiction. No wait it gets better the whole world seems like a contradiction. But maybe this is because I feel like everything is a contradiction so ultimately i assume the world is too.  The two things that I currently want in the future, are directly contradicting. And it hurts to know this. And it hurts even more to know that I would not get them both. Yet my logic tells me that the future is way out of our grasp because no one knows for sure what the future holds, so theoretically speaking  I should not worry about it. Its one of those annoying things whereby its easy said than done.


2 Responses to “The thing I hate most at the moment”

  1. I agree the contradictions never seem to end. Sometimes, it helps me to focus on the moment, not forgetting about the big picture, but not worrying about the long-term–especially what seems unfair.

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    thanks for all your comments, and constant popping by my blog, much appreciated ^_^ thanks for your advice too, I guess worrying about the long term does at time make things quite difficult.

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