A Topic EVERYONE can relate too…………

So you’re having a spring clean. Which brings about the usual things dust, more dust, maybe some cobwebs,lots of junk which make you wonder why did you keep them in the first place. THEN… there they are…………………….. priceless items that brings back floods of memories. Whether its in the form of old cards, school books, reports, drawings, notes, diary, disc, photographs the list is endless. What is important is the memories that come with it.

I was bought back to when I was in primary school, by reading my old reports, school books, drawings. Flashbacks of when things were so simple. When my mind itself was simple too. My drawings were so cute, smiley, and even if I say so myself,quite good. hehe. Then I was transported back  to secondary school, weekly journals, english, drama and art work; it may just seem like a pile of paper but to me they are priceless things and pieces, that have the power to recreate thoughts.

When you suddenly stop and think, you are shocked at how quickly time has gone by, and how grown up you are now. Time does not stop to wait for anyone. When your young you never really get why adults are always saying they want to be young again. You just want to grow up quicker to be an adult. Only when you are grown up to you finally start to see what they mean. How at times you would love nothing more that to turn back the hands of the clock.

I guess at the end of the day, we live with the knowledge that we should use our time wisely because once it goes it will never come back. So lets all try to not waste time.

2 Responses to “A Topic EVERYONE can relate too…………”

  1. When I clean the attic, i quickly become distracted in looking through treasures from the past. It is no wonder that the Mrs. just starts throwing things out left and right.

  2. Feels like im spring cleaning all 4 seasons ;] [OCD]

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